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Rock Climbing for Dollars?

Rock Climbing for Dollars is the where a love for adventure meets a desire to meet needs of others. It's an event that puts into action this desire for adventure to help the United Way continue to meet the many needs in our area. It's the opportunity to help others AND take a journey of a lifetime. Whether you wish to take part as a climber, or wish to sponsor one of our climbers, you make the difference. United Way of Manatee County understands that you really want to make a difference right here in your community. By taking part, you are investing in the following Community Impact Areas:

  • Food & Shelter
  • Intervention and Prevention for Abuse and Violence
  • Early Childhood Development
  • Services for People with Disabilities, the Elderly and their Caregivers
  • Youth Development


YOU make the difference.
This extreme sport is sure to raise some extreme dollars for the United Way, but we need your participation. Please consider joining us as a climber (get more information here)or as a sponsor. As a sponsor you can support as many climbers as you'd like and can give a one time donation, or one based on the total number of feet climbed.

Local People

Creating Local Change...

Climbing for dollarsAvid Rock Climber and local businessman Tom Seguin and friends, have teamed up to support the United Way of Manatee County. Tom - owner of Sun Coast Gem Labs - has been rock climbing in the mountains of Colorado for years and said, “It’s time to use my favorite pastime for something that really matters.”

The United Way climb will take place September 24th-25th when each climber will scale a Flatiron in Boulder, Colorado. It is anticipated that the group - complete with a Colorado Mountain School guide - will climb in excess of 1,000 feet.

Tom Seguins and friends Climbing the Flatirons